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About Us

The watch, a time-keeping contraption that reminds us of beginnings and ends, or is it?  Has anyone ever wondered if there is more to it?  While life ticks away and the repetitive nature of our mundane existence erodes what was once an adventurous soul.  Do we stay down and take it?

Seize Brand Concept:

Seize Concept is an all-new city watch brand, designed by Joseph, a young creative stylist who was once lost in life.  Years of unending work and a monotonous lifestyle drove Joseph on an adventure.  In the summer of 2010, Joseph went on a journey to Europe - with a backpack, an open mind and determination to find his passion.  During his journey Joseph ran into all sort of characters, to his surprise, they all had one thing in common, and it was their spirited way of life, a life not bound to conventions and superficial wealth.  Joseph was amazed to learn that it is possible not to lose ourselves and the meaning of life amidst our busy lives. 

It stands in stark contrast to city-lives, where dreams and ambitions are hollow syllables and regrets are canceled with cash. For money and fame, did we choose to give up our hopes, our dreams and the value of life?  Joseph was inspired, and in turn he wished to inspire others, hence Seize Concept was conceived following countless sleepless nights of reflections.  Seize serves as a reminder, it reminds us that our lives need not be ordinary, for Seize is not.  Be extraordinary, seize the moment and the most of it.